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"New for 2024-24 Season" In-House Hockey Program

KAHA is starting an In-House/Recreational program for this upcoming season for players ages 9-14.  The purpose of this program is to provide players at these ages with an opportunity to continue playing in the KAHA program if we do not have the players to form a team within these age groups, an opportunity for new players at these ages to obtain further development prior to being on a traveling team (House or Travel), and an alternative for families seeking a hockey option without the financial and time commitments of a traveling team (House or Travel).  Please see additional information regarding the KAHA In-House/Recreational Program below.

About:  The KAHA In-House Program is intended to provide an opportunity to play and enjoy the game of hockey in a structured and team setting without the financial and time commitments that traveling (House or Travel) hockey teams and programs require.


Structure:  The KAHA In-House Program will have a minimum of two on-ice sessions per week.  One on-ice session per week will focus on development of skills and building each player’s understanding of the game through the use of USA Hockey’s American Development with qualified coaches.  One on-ice session per week will be dedicated for games.


Divisions:  Players will be split into divisions and teams using a combination of age and skill level.  KAHA reserves the right to move players between divisions and teams at any point during the season to help with the balance of divisions and teams.  Initially, age divisions would likely be structured as 10-14 (Birth Years 2013-2010) and 10U (Birth Years 2014 or later).


Games:  Game structure and rules will be determined based on participation numbers and skill levels at the start of each season.  Potential game structures may include any combination of the following: 3 on 3, 4 on 4, 5 on 5, full-ice, half-ice, cross-ice, etc.


Seasons:  The KAHA In-House Program will run in two separate seasons:

  • Fall Season - October - December
  • Winter Season - January - March


Equipment:  Full equipment is required for all practices and games.  This includes: helmet with cage, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, shin pads, pants, neck guard, socks, and jersey.


Rental Equipment:  Please check with the KAHA Equipment Manager to see about availability of rental equipment.  This is on a first come, first serve basis.


Registration:  Players may register individually for the Fall or Winter Seasons or both seasons together.  A link for registration will be on

USA Hockey:  Before registering for the KAHA In-House Program, players must register through USA Hockey to obtain a USA Hockey Membership.


Cost:  $200 per session

KAHA Board Meeting

Date/Time:  July 18th 7PM

Location:  Kaliseum


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